Bent Tree Industries based in the USA and Germany engineered an all new Cosmetic Boron Nitride portfolio which is worldwide marketed under the trade name CARESS* BN. The Products are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities and match the international requirements of the Personal Care Industry. Bent Tree Industries is highly committed to customer needs, offers technical support and development assistance to formulators and will deliver excellent products at competitive prices.

CARESS* BN powders are manufactured with state of the art equipment and technology at temperatures as high as 2100°C which results in high purity, high quality products. Due to the synthetic nature of the CARESS* BN products the level of impurities, especially for heavy metals, is on a level below 1ppm. The process allows Bent Tree Industries to manufacture a large variety of particle size distributions and crystal morphologies which result in different optical appearance and haptics. CARESS* BN Boron Nitride powders offer a unique combination of properties which makes the powders different from all other fillers and texturizers. Boron Nitride demonstrated in various studies performed by independent institutes that it outperforms alternative raw materials such as Mica, PMMA, Bismuthoxychloride, Talc and Nylon 12 in regard of spreadability, skin adherence, skin coverage degree, skin softness and payoff. In addition to the improved product and skin feel the CARESS* BN powders with increased crystal size offer a significant color enhancement of the pigments used in the formulation which is caused by the refractive index of the Boron Nitride in combination with the laminar structure of the crystal.