CARESS* BN Boron Nitride powders offers a unique combination of properties:

Each CARESS* BN grade has its own combination of properties that are linked to particle size, crystal morphology and surface characteristics. The powders are available from opaque with high hiding powder to translucent and from matte to shiny, but all grades offer the superior softness and excellent skin adherence.

Product Grades Mean Crystal/Particle size Specific Surface Area Optical Appearance
CARESS BN 005 0,5μm 25m²/g very white/high hiding powder
CARESS BN 02 2μm 15m²/g very white/high hiding powder
CARESS BN06 6μm 10m²/g opaque
CARESS BN09 9μm 10m²/g opaque
CARESS BN012 12μm 2m²/g translucent
CARESS BN015 15μm 1,5m²/g translucent
CARESS BN018 18μm 1,3m²/g shiny
CARESS BN30 30μm 1m²/g sparkling